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can you imagine running 12 marathons blindfolded?

This is my friend EJWe met in 2003 at an improv comedy theater in Los Angeles called IO Westwhere we both performed. 


Now he’s legally blind because he has an inherited, degenerative disease called choroideremia, (pronounced ka-ROY-dah-REE-mee-yah). To raise awareness this year, he’s running 12 marathons in 12 cities, blindfolded.

Can you imagine?! I am so inspired and awed by him.  

Besides the whole “marathon” thing, to run blindfolded, he has to rely on other people for 26.2 miles. I find this particularly amazing because I couldn’t even do a trust fall exercise in an improv class without cheating. I mean that literally. Basically I hemmed and hawed forever and finally just leaned on someone, but never actually fell at all, and then the teacher called it a day so the class could move on.

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