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why i’m rooting for herman cain

Can you root for a politician if you hope he never holds office?

Let’s pretend you can.

The American presidential race is starting to feel a lot like Olympic figure skating. I’m sitting at home, watching people do really difficult and not-fun things in front of millions of strangers, waiting for them to fall.

Herman Cain is my political equivalent of that-Soviet-skater-who-chooses-the-Titanic-theme song. It’s not my favorite material, but what a joy he is to watch! Even though we don’t speak the same language, I can tell: he’s having so much fun out there! He probably had a difficult childhood and worked very hard to get where he is. I don’t want him to crash on the ice! But I don’t want him to win because I’m rooting for someone else. 

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i don’t want to elect herman cain, i want to be herman cain

Looks what gems came in the mail this week! 

The card is from Joanna, and the book is from Big Bad Amazon. I tried to buy it from a New York bookstore, but none of them carried it, or they were out (because they’d only ordered one copy), which I think is a funny sign of how this city is out of touch with America.

Also a sign that Herman Cain is buying his own books

I’m so looking forward to learning about Mr. Cain! Based on his Meet the Press interview and the coverage of 9-9-9,  I doubt we’ll agree on much. But I’m fascinated by his lack of self-doubt.

This man is not afraid to run for President and have no plan for Afghanistan. Or to tout a tax plan he’s apparently never run by an economist. Personally, I crowd-source so many decisions that my mom once said to me, “Kerry, your life is not a democracy.”

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