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keep yourself in a big cage

I sent Eric a series of jackassy texts on Friday.

Here is proof:  

Everyone always assumes that bizarre texts are a result of auto-correct. So I thought it would be a fun joke to deliberately send some oblique-but-possibly-real messages and escalate their weirdness. I figured Eric would have to know I was joking and hilarity would ensue.

That’s not what happened.

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But, frankly, if I want to write a large-scale work, increasing my strength and stamina is a must, and I believe this is something worth doing, or at least that doing it is much better than not. This is a trite observation, but as they say: If something’s worth doing, it’s worth giving it your best—or in some cases beyond your best. To deal with something unhealthy, a person needs to be as healthy as possible. That’s my motto. In other words, an unhealthy soul requires a healthy body.

Who wants to argue with Haruki Murakami in What I Talk About When I Talk About Running? NOT ME!

Thanks, Aarthi for sending me this quote. And thanks, Rich, for your post on Monday. Once I get a third sign, I’ll be convinced that this is not a coincidence and that the universe is, in fact, telling me to resume jogging after my ten-year hiatus.

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things i thought i’d get by the time i became a grown-up: modern dance

“Modern dance” is one of those things I thought I’d get by the time I turned 25, much like:

* How to cook Thanksgiving dinner
* Political primaries
* How to not kill indoor plants
* The joys of opera
* The ability to quote from The Godfather without consulting

Growing up, I watched my parents grasp all these things, and assumed they’d come effortlessly with adulthood, like height or sarcasm. 

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dinner with monks

The other night, Aarthi invited me to a dinner with some friends and two monks: one Hindu, the other Buddhist

So neat. 

(Pretty much all my intellectual expansion can be traced to Aarthi.)

It never occurred to me that you could listen to someone spiritual, admire what they have to say, and then invite them to join you in a home-cooked meal—let alone that they might say yes. (Unless you’re President Obama.) 

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i finally went to smorgasburg

Chances are you already know about Smorgasburg, the ”food flea market" in Brooklyn, if you read one article from the NYT this summer. Every donut/popsicle/soda the paper recommended was from there. And for good reason! Everything’s a delicious bargain! As one of my friends put it, "they really handcraft the crap" out of everything. 

I went there on Saturday with AarthiSuds and Heather. Here I am, wearing terrible CVS sunglasses, eating an ice cream sandwich

(“You look like Bono,” Eric said, when I got home and he saw the shades.) 

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like going to china for $9.75

I’ve said before that I don’t want to go around calling myself a foodie, but what I really mean is, I don’t want to give anyone ammunition to make fun of me for being a glutton. Because who am I kidding? The war on evolution does not start with me. 

I bring this up because on Saturday, Aarthi and I went to Flushing, Queens, which we’d heard has the best Chinese food in New York City. Something funny about being a foodie in Manhattan is that eventually you realize that all roads lead to Queens, which is the least snobby borough, but totally the champ in the semi-snobby world of foodiesm.

This is the first thing we saw when we got out of the subway: 

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cool things i saw this week

I’m fired up because I’m going to eat Chinese food in Flushing, Queens with Anne and Aarthi tomorrow! I hope that you have a good Friday and an even better weekend. Here are some things I’m liking this week:

1. Want some no-nonsense writing advice? Read this.

2. Glenn Greenwald attacks the myth of Obama’s wussiness and inspired me to be a raging cynic of the media.

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spirituality: can you fake it til you make it?

Life is amazing. I never imagined I’d read about Mike Tyson and think: I can relate, Mike. For years, I’d pegged him as “that boxer who bit off a man’s ear” and a whole lot worse. But recently I keep stumbling upon articles about how he wants to be of service to the world. Or how he is a vegan. And, in the documentary about his life, he says—and I am paraphrasing—he’s felt spiritually empty for years. 

I can relate, Mike. 

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