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cool things i saw this week

I’m fired up because I’m going to eat Chinese food in Flushing, Queens with Anne and Aarthi tomorrow! I hope that you have a good Friday and an even better weekend. Here are some things I’m liking this week:

1. Want some no-nonsense writing advice? Read this.

2. Glenn Greenwald attacks the myth of Obama’s wussiness and inspired me to be a raging cynic of the media.

3. Sheslivinginsin took the tram to Roosevelt Island, and said it was per my recommendation. Do you know how much this warms my heart???

4. I’ve been meaning to say this for a few weeks now, but: Hollygonightly is crushing it! Her writing is funny, honest, and beautiful.

5. Below you’ll see my new running shoes, which I bought so that I never feel like a huffy puffy walrus again when friends take me on a hike. I take this as a real sign that I’m evolving as a human being because it’s the first time I’ve bought a fitness-related product not to lose weight, but to be healthy.

I feel more fit and adorable just *looking* at them. 

(Secret message to Michigan Bell, I used them today. I jogged 1.9 miles. Incredible, right?)

Have a good life, everyone!

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  1. mywharton said: thanks for the links!
  2. quintessentiallyquirky said: Thanks for this! That writing advice was just the swift kick in the ass that I needed. And Hollygonightly is already rocking my socks off & she happens to be from Minnesota too, which makes me arbitrarily love her more.
  3. hollygonightly said: you’re too kind!
  4. away-abaddon said: You’ll be hiking the Tetons in no time!
  5. alternrg said: I am SO procrastinating in the purchase of new running shoes. GAH!
  6. champagne-and-icecream said: LOVE holly. thanks for the shout out!
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