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i look so “i’m a new york woman in my thirties” in this picture

I’m the one on my right. The other night, my sister Coco and I got dessert with the fam at Eataly, which is a supermarket that only sells foods that are a) local or b) from Italy. (Which, as my friend David points out, makes it “Italocavore.”) Eataly also has some really good restaurants—kinda like the food court of a shopping mall—but instead of Panda Express, there is, say, a vegetable bar called Verdure. It’s all part of the Mario “I’m taking over Lower Manhattan” Batali empire.

Crazy thought: Is Mario Batali the new McDonald’s? Not in the sense that he’s cheap, but that he’s everywhere?

Eataly is a great stop for foodies, hungry-folks, those who don’t have A/C in their apartments, anyone with visitors from out of town and/or from out of town and staying at the Ace Hotel, and people who *love* crowds and get so happy bumping into other people.

Fun fact: I had no idea what a Cubenelle pepper was!

They also serve wine. I had rose.

In case you forget the theme is “Italy” at Eataly, there are reminders everywhere. 

In conclusion, I liked Eataly and I continue to love whoever is the stylist for the Emporium Mario Batalicus.

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