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the high line

I had a list of things to learn about this weekend, including: the War on Drugs, Ron Paul, and Michelle Bachmann. But instead, I walked over to the High Line to check out the new part (“Section 2”), which opened in June and looks a lot like the rest of the High Line, which is a good thing:

[Quick tangent: Do you ever think it’s amazing that we live in a world in which Michelle Bachmann gets page 1 coverage in the Sunday NYT? If I were to write her into a novel, an editor would say “that Lady Politician character is a little over-the-top. Can you tone it down a bit so people believe she’s real?” Which is maybe a comment on her, maybe a comment on our soundbyte media culture.]

I wouldn’t know! Because I was at the High Line! It’s one of those places that, if you’re visiting New York City, everyone will say, “You have to go.”

And I know it’s hard to trust a group of people who will wait two hours to eat scrambled eggs if New York magazine tells us to. I’m not saying I’d trust people who fetishize cupcakes, ramps, and/or trout roe.

But we are really right on this one! Look how cool this girl looks, chillin with her picnic and her paper:

The High Line is such a beautiful mixture of man and nature in this concrete jungle we call home.

And it’s free.

In case you’re curious, this is what Google NYC looks like:

It’s the brick building that (literally) takes up an entire city block.

Also: the High Line offers a preview of the Future.

In the future, we will live in steely apartments that look like this:

(I’m scared just thinking about it!)

If you go, hydrate ahead of time, because they won’t sell bottled water at the Highline; they want it to be an eco-friendly place. Good for them! 

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  1. michiganbell said: All that vegetation really stands out in contrast to the bricks and buildings. Looks very well done.
  2. cupofchi said: Oh my god, Bachmann. I can’t wait for your take on that madness!
  3. someoneloved said: looks fancy! i’ve only been to NYC twice, and didn’t enjoy it either time. i need to track down more places like this to visit for any future trips….
  4. alternrg said: One of my favorite spots at dusk especially.
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