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Obviously, I flew to Missouri over Labor Day weekend to celebrate the Oregon Trail. 

The pioneers began their westward journey in Independence, Missouri, and every year the town holds a festival to honor this fact. However, I think there was some confusion among festival organizers and the PR team, because event planners apparently had no idea it was billed as an Oregon-Trail-thing. I expected to see a few Lewis & Clark reenactors, or at least some women in bonnets. 

But what happened was: I drank lime-flavored Budwesier, ate a fried Twinkie, played skee-ball, rode in a ferris wheel sponsored by Kraft Dinner, and passed many Christians selling corn dogs for their various churches. Oh, and I saw some of my favorite people on the planet: Rich and Kristin.

I loved it all. 

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  1. muchtoyourchagrin said: skee-ball? jealous. also… i’m glad you did not die of dysentery. sorry, i really loved playing the oregon trail game growing up :)
  2. shefallsup said: Hahaha looks fun! ;)
  3. thefount said: I’m glad you didn’t die of dysentery.