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I want to be blunt: the Blue Lagoon is totally nuts, the nutsest thing ever. It’s whatever-comes-after-that. 

A nut allergy?

I always thought, because of that Brooke Shields movie, and because it’s called the Blue Lagoon, that it was a naturally occurring body of water.

You know, that it was a lagoon

Turns out the water is the runoff from the geothermal power plant next door. It’s waste water converted into a spa. 

This picture puts it in perspective: 


Our guidebooks to Iceland were so apologetic about the place. You have to go if you’re in town, but it’s kind of terrible and tacky. One book even compared it to Disneyworld. 

Thankfully, they lowered my expectations so much that I was pleasantly amazed. 

(Unfortunately, this is the opposite of what I’m doing for you. I’m sorry.) 

Eric was so happy to go floating in industrial effluvient that he did a jump for joy. 


We went to the Blue Lagoon on our way to the airport (because it’s on the way, and the airport is far out of town) and it was the greatest thing ever. 

I paid about $30 and rented a towel and a bathrobe, and left my stuff in the lockers. 

They give you an electronic bracelet, which is the key to your locker and also your tab if you want to get drinks. We didn’t because we were en route to the airport, but it seemed like a cool way to go.

This is what you see when you get inside. 


Basically, in the late 90s, some Icelanders were sneaking into the power plant area to go swimming in the waste runoff, and someone had the smart idea to start charging people for this privilege.

Also, after a few studies, they proved that folks who dipped in the water cured skin diseases like psoriasis. Something about the silica and sulphur in the water…

I have made no effort to fact-check this and I have a strong feeling that these “studies” were done by the Blue Lagoon.  

But I don’t care because both Eric and I agreed that our skin felt pretty sweet, and this lasted for 8 hours after. 

In the Lagoon, they have little stations where you can scoop mud into your hands and give yourself a mask. 


I hope you go to the Blue Lagoon if you’re swinging by Grindavik anytime soon, and I hope you leave at least 3 hours. We had about 90 minutes and even though I don’t like spas (normally) I enjoyed this and could have easily spent more time there. 

If you go in the middle of winter, they’re open until 8pm or 9pm and you can look up and see the northern lights. Definitely do not use this as your only guide. (HA.) 


Thanks for the title idea, NearLambertPark

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