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cat cafe!

Tokyo has all these delightfully inventive ideas that for some reason have not made their way to the United States, despite globalization and Twitter and all that. 

I’m talking about heated toilet seats, pet robots, and cat cafes. 

I know my blog is extremely popular with the venture capitalist community, and I’d like to point out that here in Japan are some great business ideas, America! 

I first heard about cat cafes months ago, when Eric and I watched a Travel Channel show about Japan.

A cat cafe seemed like one of those bonkers ideas that foreigners love about a country, but which makes locals roll their eyes and say, “Ugh, no one in our country actually does that!” Like when German tourists in Midtown asked me how to get to T.G.I. Friday’s. 

I wasn’t sure if real Japanese people actually go to cat cafes. 

They do!

Apparently it’s very hard to have a pet cat in Tokyo because most buildings don’t allow them and kitties are very expensive. 

I wasn’t planning to find a cat cafe on our first day in town, but luckily in Shunjuku, we stumbled past a sign that said “Calico Cafe” with pictures of pawprints.

The timing was amazing because, it was 100 degrees, and thus very easy to convince Eric it was time for some A/C and a cat purrty! 

Inside, there were 24 cats. About half were weirdly skinny and the other half were weirdly fat.

The fat cats were the cutest, but they did not give a damn about my love, no matter what I offered, whether it was petting, or shaking a toy in their face.

The skinny cats—go figure—chased after anything I dangled in front of them, be it a fake mouse, a camera strap, or a bracelet.

(Eric and I had a good conversation about which cats were more evolved. I say fat; he says skinny.)

I tried so hard to win over the fat cats, but no matter what I did, they just looked at me like I was nuts. 

Which arguably I am, because I paid $25 to crawl on the ground and chase after small fluffy animals.

This guy was my favorite. He is either missing a nose or a chin. 


I worked all my cat mojo, and he still wouldn’t come near my lap. 

But at least I have the adorable photo above. 

The photo below is not so cute. 

Maybe this cat has a great personality, but I don’t care. I judge cats based on how cute they are.  

Finally, we were done playing with cats, so we paid, and wiped our clothes with the lint brushes they keep by the sink. 


In conclusion: I’m so happy to have dragged my new husband into one! 

If you do, in fact, start this business in the US, please send me a quick email so I can know that I changed the world for the better. 

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