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1. Here I am in Park City, putting the “awkward” in snow bunny. (Technically, snow-shoe bunny.) 

2. Do you think every person at the Sundance Film Festival takes a picture of that Banksy? I felt a little predictable while doing it.  

3. I developed a theory about ski towns (and also surfing towns) after spending a few nights in Park City, Utah, where it seemed like everyone was way cooler and more laidback than me.

My theory is that folks move to ski towns to do what they love doing. (Versus other cities, where people move to follow a career dream.) When you aggregate that quality across a population, you have a happier populace, because people’s energy is going to their passion, rather than say, making money or climbing a career ladder. Which is all a long way of saying: I kinda want to move to Park City.

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  1. shovelbum said: that’s a good theory, definitely applies to Whistler, BC too.
  2. davesingh said: great theory, be right back gonna go do it!
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  4. vrai-lean-uh said: The converse of your ski town theory pretty well sums up what I didn’t like about living in DC.
  5. pinotandthefigs said: My bestfriend’s sister moved to vail and opened a cupcake business. She is loving life!! Sounds like you had a blast, my friend!