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Someday i'm going to understand America. Until then, I have this blog.

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do you know something about america that i don’t?

Yes! Ha! Of course you do!

One of my hopes in starting this blog was to “understand America.” Obviously, that’s a ridiculous quest, and a total fail according to all goal-setting literature, which advises you to set concrete aims and measurable benchmarks.

Does “understanding America” refer to Red States versus Blue States? Race relations? Mall of America? Conservatives? Southerners? Income Inequality? Ultimate Fighting?

Yes. I think it means all that. Mostly I want to be more open-minded, instead of being a liberal jackass who has a knee-jerk liberal reaction to everything. 

I think I’ve done a pretty good job of leaving my geographic bubble. (My credit card statements will back me up.)

However, I’m not exposing myself to as many different viewpoints as I’d like, and I welcome your input here. For example: 

* If you are voting for Mitt Romney, can you tell me why?  
* If you’re a farmer, will you tell me what your life is like?
* If you are a Mormon, did you find “Book of Mormon” offensive? 
* If you are under 23, are you addicted to social media and desperate to be famous, like everything I read at Pew tells me?  
* If you live in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Dakota, or Wyoming—what’s that like? 
* If you’re a devout Catholic, what’s it like to hear your religion portrayed negatively in the media all the time? 
* If you’re a nun, let’s talk!!!

The list is endless! Please feel free to suggest something if you’re so inclined. And I know that no one is defined by one quality or career or belief! These are elements of identity that I’d like to learn more about.

So, anyhoo, if you’re up for trading emails with me, please email me: It’s most helpful if you can, off the bat, share 3-5 things about yourself and maybe shed a little light on some of what you know about America. 

It will be fun: an initial five questions over email and then maybe a follow-up email. Or two. Or three. Thanks! 

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