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7 great paula deen quotes you can use this weekend

My love of Paula Deen just keeps growin’. After I saw her at the 92Y, I bought her cookbook and read it cover-to-cover, like a novel. Which is a fitting comparison, because with novels, there’s no expectation that you will re-enact what you just read—I cook so rarely that my New Year’s resolution was to make dinner once this year. (Nailed it!)  Also, you can appreciate a novel for the prose and the sassy POV, which is why I loved this: 

The best part was, some of the lines were so triumphant and confident and joyful, I thought they’d be fun to say in a conversation—ideally apropos of nothing. Thus I present to you 7 great Paula Deen quotes that also work as conversation starters:

1. Life is too short to wonder where you hid your waffle maker.

2. Sadly, in today’s times, pies are an endangered dessert.

3. I would not want to live in a world without fried pork chops.

I have always said that I don’t care for uppity food and I can’t cook it.

Most anytime you put two Southern cooks in the same kitchen you will sense a little cordial disagreement.

 Baking is big in the South—whether it’s a biscuit or a roll, we love something in our hand to put some butter on, or to sop up pot liquor.

Then there’s ham. Hallelujah!

PS: check out this video of Paula on Oprah. There’s a hilarious snafu and cake batter flies everywhere.  (Hat tip to you, AnneHubert!) 

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