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cool things i saw this week

Happy Saturday! TGIS! Below are some things I’ve appreciated this week—hope you enjoy them as much as I did! And hope you have a great weekend!!! 

How to write your resume, especially if you want to change directions

I’m probably the last American to discover The Andy Rooney Game But allelulia that I did! It’s been too long since I laughed so hard I cried. 

This $20 gadget, aka “the aerolatte,” whips milk into foam, and it’s going to save me a ridiculously embarrassing amount of money this year. **GAME CHANGER**

How motherhood turned this lady into a pacifist

An albino alligator. Life is interesting! 

this piece in the NYT about Yom Kippur and atonement

Anarchy and Scotch changed the background color of his blog and wrote a great post about Fred Shuttlesworth

Jack King shared his thoughts on “what is art?”. I loved it. 

Had a cool email chain with Rocksprings about “what is art?” I’ll leave you with some of her ideas: “The person who truly does art has to have a certain heart attitude for it to be art, I think. And art must come from that heart. Are grocery store romance novels art? No, they’re just grocery store romance novels. Are blogs art? Some, maybe. All? Not inherently. Art, I think is given/made with no expectation in return. It’s like love in a way. You don’t love to get loved in return. You love because there’s no other way (selflesness/art). It’s a compulsion that asks nothing in return. Not ego, not money (though artists do need money to live), not followers (blog world), not anything.


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